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We've joined the Creative Commons bandwagon and the journey has been fantastic. Magic has happened – we've had books translated into languages we didn't know, our audio books have been used as teaching tools by volunteers teaching underpriviledged children in their neighbourhood, our book are being converted into Braille and much more. Every time we find our books in a new avataar we imagine the different ways in which you've helped us reach closer to our mission of 'a book in every child's hand'.

This page will serve as a resource with links to all our original Creative Commons licensed content which you can reuse and remix. You can also find links to all the wonderful derivatives that other people have created with our content.

You can read more about our CC philosophy and case study here. You can read about the CC licenses we adopt here.

1. Audio of 'The Auto That Flew' by Indian Moms Connect
2.  eBooks on STUDYeBUDDY
3. Annual Haircut Day on Kitaab ka Khel
4. Too Much Noise on MangoReader, BookBox and Radio Mirchi
5. Muchkund and his Sweeth Tooth on Dadi Nani's Kid Stories

Update: Our latest CC licensed books are available here and will soon be on Scribd. 

1. Creative Commons Originals - Books : Books created by Pratham Books and licensed under CC.

2. Books in the Public Domain  - A list of all our books which are under public domain licenses.

3. Creative Commons Illustrations - A collection of illlustrations from our CC-licensed books.

Creative Commons Derivative Works - Adaptations and Translations of Pratham Books

 Contest Derivatives  -  A collection of stories produced by users for different contests we've conducted

Varshikam Keshakartanadinam - Sanskrit translation of Annual Haircut Day by Samskrita Bharati

French translations (Listen to my body, Topsy Turvy, The Moon and the Cap, Bunty and Bubbly) - by Annie Marois for use at a French School District in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Books recorded by Radio Mirchi for the National Association of the Blind.

Dadi Nani's Kids Stories 

Audio of 'The Auto That Flew' by Indian Moms Connect



Blackberry App World
Annual Haircut Day, Chand ka Tofah, Chup! Meri Naak Kuch Kehti Hai, The Moon and the Cap, Salaana Baal Katayi

Interactive books in French (Listen to my body, Topsy TurvyThe Moon and the CapBunty and Bubblyby Annie Marois for use at a French School District in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Tanay Kothari and Team 
Too Much Noise,  Fat King Thin DogThe Auto That FlewAnaya's Thumb, Bheema the Sleepyhead, The Red RaincoatGoodnight TinkuEverything Looks New 

OLE Nepal's E-Pustakalaya


Teachers of India (click on the e-book option to find the entire list)

The Internet Archive (available in multiple formats, including DAISY)

International Children's Digital Library

Mera Library (type 'Pratham Books' in the search column to find our books)



Litent - for Kindle Books

CarrelCafe (type 'Pratham Books' in the search column to find our books)


DAISY or BRF formats on  Bookshare

DAISY formats on The Internet Archive

Braille and Tactile Books by Third Eye Charitable Trust


Kitaab ka Khel

Kenamar Videobooks

  • Microsoft Research ran a test pilot with some of our books on DVD formats in Gujarat and Karnataka. You can read about it here.
  • Books on laptops provided by the OLPC project (One Laptop Per Child) for children in Nepal.

  • Ladakhi book by Avalokitesvara Trust
  • SePedi by The African Storybook Project
  • Books in Hebrew
  • Books in Santali
  • ebooks by equiretech
  • Thinking worksheets by Geniekids
  • Braille, Talking and Tactile Books - Karadi Cultural Alliance Trust
  • Konkani translations by Goa,1556
  • Malayalam translations
  • Collaboration with RivoKids
  • Chuskit, the movie
  • Books to be published by One for One Books, Malaysia
  • Translations to Assamese by Sushim
  • TING reading pen
  • Graded readers by Orient Blackswan (The Seventh Sun, Ritu's Letter Gets Longer)
  • Digital and print version of 'New Revised Impressions' and 'ActiveTeach Impressions' by Pearson Education (Annual Haircut Day, Too Many Bananas, Where's My Bat, Going to buy a book)
  • Cambridge Comprehension and Composition for Schools by Cambridge University Press India
    Pvt Ltd (Annual Haircut Day)
  • School books for children by Collins India (Annual Haircut Day, Listen to my Body)
  • FliptoRead books

The following derivatives were created by different organizations but they don't exist anymore
  • Apps by Naavica Systems - Speak-A-Book (for the iPad and iPhone) - Collection of 4 books : Topsy Turvy, Timmy and Pepe, We are all animals and Vayu the Wind
  • Applications on the Intel AppUp Center - by FlipLog
  • eBooks on the Wink Store 
  • Books on Storytruck
  • Books for Blackberry phones - by Spicelabs

Books and more are relicensed to Creative Commons
Case Study - Pratham Books
Pratham Books uses CC to make children’s books accessible

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