Friday, December 2, 2016

Are You Going to the Kahaani Festival in Jaipur?

The year is almost ending but the fun is definitely not stopping. Head to the Kahaani Festival happening in Jaipur on 5th and 6th December.

The Kahaani festival is a children's festival, which explores and reimagines the art of storytelling through oral traditions, music, theatre, dance and puppetry along with various other art forms.Taking learning beyond the classroom, the Kahaani festival-through workshops, performances and storytelling sessions- creates an atmosphere for children to freely explore the realm of their imagination and creativity Produced by Teamwork Arts, the Kahaani festival travels across India with stories and storytellers from all around the world. Beyond the conventional forms of storytelling, the festival also features artists with unique styles providing them with a platform to showcase their art.

Entry to the event is free but do register for the event.

Visit the festival website for more details about the event.

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