Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thank You for Celebrating International Book Giving Day With Us

On 4th February, we announced our plan to celebrate International Book Giving Day! We wanted to make some book love potion and it needed all your help. Could we raise enough funds for 1000 books in 10 days? 

Yes, we did! And all because of the efforts of our awesome community. From spreading the word to making a donation, from tagging a friend to tweeting a request - we slowly watched the 'donated books' counter on our crowdfunding platform tick away. 200 books...365 books...720 books...and then 1000 books!

THANK YOU for helping India's children read by donating books to campaigns happening across the India. 

If you wish to donate to support a library campaign, click here to see the campaigns on Donate-a-Book.

Together, we can put a book in every child's hand!

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