Monday, November 16, 2015

CROCUS 2015 is Here

Saffron Tree's online book festival, CROCUS: Celebrating Reading Of Culturally Unique Stories, is here! This year's theme is Comics and Graphic Novels.

Saffron Tree tells us a little more about this year's theme :
Although, many people love comics, there an equal or more number of folks who think comics are silly and for children only. It is far from truth and we at Saffron Tree would like to present you with many interesting comics and graphic novels that we have come across and enjoyed. In the coming days, we will review various graphic novels/comics. Hope you enjoy them.
Head to their blog from 14th-17th November to find book recommendations, interviews and more. Have fun at the CROCUS Carnival!

Image credit : Lavanya Karthik, Saffron Tree

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