Monday, September 28, 2015

Be a Tiger Champion

Our friends at Duckbill Books are running an exciting contest to win their latest book 'Tiger Boy' (psst t: also illustrated by the lovely Tanvi Bhat).

About the book :

Neel's parents want him to win a scholarship, and go to the big city to study. But Neel doesn't want to leave his beloved Sundarbans, with its beautiful trees and its magnificent tigers. 

And then a tiger cub goes missing from the reserve!

The evil Gupta wants to sell the cub and sets his people to search for it. Neel and his sister Rupa are determined to find the cub and take it to safety before Gupta and his goons find it.

Racing against time, and braving the dangers of the dark, will Neel succeed in saving the little tiger cub?

Via Duckbill Books
Be a Tiger Champion!

Design a poster for tiger conservation with a striking slogan.

Submit the poster as a jpeg or pdf file, along with name, school, address and age at

The author Mitali Perkins will pick the three best posters and their creators will receive a copy of her new book Tiger Boy.

Deadline: 15 October
Age group: 9 to 12 years

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