Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sometimes one needs a little extra..

Don't we all? The extra room to keep those old books, that extra space in bed to stretch to our heart's content, the extra cake for a midnight snack...

A few of our friends on Donate-a-Book also needed a little extra time. They are determined to build a library for our little friends from different parts of India and as we know, the best libraries take time to grow :)
So we have given our friends an extra 10 days  to build this enchanting world of books where our little friends can experience the magic of written words!

They need our help and support. Every bit counts. Every day counts.

For as little as Rs.100, 3 books can be put in the hands of India's children.

From Igatpuri to Leh, from a Henny Penny Library program to a creche for children of migrant workers in Mumbai, they need our helping hand. Let's go that extra mile for them.

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