Friday, June 5, 2015

I'm Quite Boring....'Deal'ing with World Environment Day!

I am quite a boring person, I just found out-- all my stories feature a tree, what lack-of-imagination! I love to blow my trumpet and say things like, hey all my articles seem to have a leaf or a flower or a water-body in them. Hmmm...

By the way, never, never, never start a sentence with an I, is one of the earliest lessons that I got on humbleness. As you can see, I'm a bad student. Today, on World Environment Day, I'm going to be a really bad student, and start at least the next ten sentences with an I ! I want to be like a rebellious weed that grows stubbornly out of cracks and under gardeners' very feet. I want to do things that others do. I want to trek to the Western Ghats and see ugly purple frogs and tiny tree frogs. I want to be a cat that prowls stealthily in the Ghats. I want to drink pure honey from the purest hive, like a bear in the jungle. I don't mind carrying a fancy hipflask full of masala chai when I go on this trek. I'm very selfish, let me confess, and I want to live well, and I want the same for my world – my family, my friends, my city, my country, my world. 

I think if I want all of the above, I need to be sensitive to the environment around me, how boring! I really need to conserve and respect nature, how painful! I better read more and do more than I'm doing now, awww...groannn. I think, to start with,  I should order my set of books to be given away as gifts to young readers I know. I should be smart and use the 25% discount to get a set of books with environmental themes.

Thank you for reading thus far : For that, I'll be generous, and share the link so that you too can order your copies of these books at a 25%. Click here please. Happy Environment Day! 

P.S: I love the work of Ruchi Shah, whose illustration for the book The Cat in the Ghat is what is featured on this poster.

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