Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Help India's Children Read with Donate-a-Book

We are finally happy to share a project we've been working on for more than a year. 

Presenting *drum roll please* ...

Donate-a-Book : A Crowdfunding Platform for Books

'Donate-a-Book' is a unique crowdfunding platform that enables non profits, schools and storytellers to raise funds for books to help India’s children read. 

The platform connects those who need books and those who want to help bridge the gap. From a school for children with special needs to a Reading Champion who wants to start a library in her hometown, Donate-a-Book will create awareness about these campaigns and help raise funds to supply books from Pratham Books in multiple Indian languages.

If you are an organization/individual who wants to get books to the children you work with, get started on the Donate-a-Book platform.

Join us, as we start a Donate-a-thon to get 50,000 books in the hands of thousands of children by 14th November 2015, Children's Day. Currently, there are 30 campaigns that you can donate* to - from schools, non-profits, learning centres and champions. Find a campaign that resonates with you and help them build a book bank!

A little help from you can help India’s children read

*Update : We can accept foreign currency donations now. If you want to make a donation from outside India, please mail with details of the campaign you want to donate to.

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