Monday, April 27, 2015

New Books on the Pratham Books Mobile App

For World Book Day, we released our entire batch of new titles online - for you to read and download for FREE! Now most of the books (except the bilinguals) are up on the Pratham Books Mobile App

8 titles X 6 languages = 48 books
Read on the go with the Pratham Books Mobile App

Don't have the Pratham Books Mobile Reading App on your phone yet? 

1. Follow this link to download the app or look up Pratham Books on the Google Playstore. 
2. Register with your child’s age, your name and email id. 
3. Select your child’s Reading Level and preferred language to start reading.

You can also read/download our latest books here
If you want to buy these books, they are currently on a discount too (for a limited period only).

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