Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kidsstoppress Recommends ...

... our ten new books to 'freshen up story time this summer'

Via Kidsstoppress

If you are trying to add some zing to that Bookshelf then here are 10 books from Pratham Books that will do just that. Pratham Books is a non profit publisher that produces children’s books in Indian languages and they have published 250 titles in over 11 languages. I absolutely love reading to the kids in all languages and here is how you can do the same. With simple language and close to real life illustrations, these books will give kids a great reading experience.

Grandma’s glasses (Rs 30): Grandma loses her glasses all the time, now she needs a smart detective to find them for her. Suitable for Level 2. This one is an absolute favourite with the kids and could relate to the story completely.

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