Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Saying is a Saying...Try One in Konkani!

Today is International Mother Language Day and our blog is turning multilingual today. We are hosting a series of blog posts by different authors, illustrators, parents, educators and children - sharing their thoughts on languages and more. International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. 2015 is the 15th anniversary of International Mother Language Day.

Languages give us wisdom. And Kanchan Bannerjee, Managing Trustee of Akshara Foundation, and author of several bilingual books, has given us a big dose of wisdom in the form of sayings in Konkani. Kanchan has made a list of well-known, well-used Konkani proverbs and invites readers to add to the list.

Please pardon the fonts...this Mother Tongue Day multi-lingual posting has left us battling with Indic fonts, and Konkani is ...well, Kui and Saura to us, from the looks of it!

Image of a bilingual story written by Kanchan Bannerjee

कोकणी भाशेन्तु आदगातियो

कोकणी भाषेन्तु थोड्यो आदगातियो गोत्तू आसवे? आम्मि उल्लयतना, आदगथ्यो बळसुयल्यरि आयाकुंचाक गंमती येत्त.

. सासम दवरुक जागो ना.

. खाड्डाक उज्जो लागिल्वेळाक, पप्पडु भजचे

. कुन्कड खाय्नातील्याने, पाक शिर्कावोनु इत्याक भोवांचे?

. वेंकू ने पडम्बुर वचुगले म्हणके.

. हातू बिसूनु आयाल्या पळे.

. बाळा खाक्या मार्नु, पुराण आयकुंचाक वचुगलि.

. तरने पान, सुकिल्या पान्नाक हासता.

अशी मस्त आदगातियो तुम्कायी गोत्तू आस्स वे

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