Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bridging the Gap Between Adults and Kids with Stories

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Loved reading Jenni Buchanan's post on the Reading Rainbow blog.
After all, people love to hear stories, and kids especially LOVE to hear stories about their parents. But most of all, kids love to hear stories about when their parents were kids.

Truth be told, I have as much fun telling stories to my to my kids as they have hearing them. Sharing a story about when I was young often leads to them sharing a similar story about their life. Suddenly, instead of coming from two separate worlds, we’re co-conspirators! I love bridging that gap between kid and grownup and finding a place of partnership.

It’s comes as no surprise that most kids’ favorite stories to hear over and over again are, without question, the stories of when their parents got into hilarious scrapes or ended up in some kind of trouble. I used to worry about revealing this less-than-angelic part of myself with impressionable children, but I’ve gotten over that. I’ve found ways to turn the troublesome events of my childhood into teachable moments.

What personal stories have you shared while reading to your kid?

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