Monday, August 4, 2014

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Via Startup Weekend Education

Entrepreneurship and Education, Bangalore connects the dots on 29th August 2014

This August, we are bringing together a 100 innovators, entrepreneurs and educators together for some creative chaos! This is the first Startup Weekend Education event to be held in Bangalore, giving local educators, designers, developers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to solve problems and gaps that are experienced by us everyday.

Educators and teachers often closely encounter challenges that vary from curriculum design, teaching methodologies, use of technology, logistical & operational challenges, infrastructure, child safety and managing communication & relationships with different stakeholders. The opportunity to bring together innovators, business thinkers, teachers, professors, artists, designers, non-profits and technology enthusiasts on a common platform creates an incredible chance for dialogues and solutions that can creatively and meaningfully solve challenges we currently encounter in education systems.

If you are passionate about the education sector and have an idea that can solve a problem or improve an existing solution for India’s education sector, The Startup Education Event is for you!

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