Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Connecting Kids through the Crayons of Hope

The world has strange and beautiful ways to make people connect and grow and earn their independence and be responsible for it. Just a week before Independence Day, August 15th, we received a mail from the not for profit social enterprise Crayons of Hope. They now work with 870 children across 9 cities in India.

Fanned by the spirit of the season, I sent off a message of hope on behalf of Pratham Books. A few days later, Roni, a young boy whom I've never met had sent me this colourful card.

This is the message that Roni received:

"Hope is that warm feeling that bubbles in your heart, and makes the mind do wonderful things.
Our hope is to see all children in India being able to read, and wanting to read!"

Wishing Crayons of Hope all success in their mission. And we wish Roni and his friends a colourful and joyful  future.

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