Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Book Review : Daddy's Mo

R's Mom reviews another one of our books on Indian Moms Connect.
Again, the girl’s name is Anu and its about her Daddy’s mustache. Its an interesting book especially for R whose dad doesnt have a mustache. We loved the way, in the book, the daily routine of her dad is described. The little girl’s attractiveness to mustaches forms the gist of the story.
Honestly for someone who is not a big fan of mustaches (read RM), we enjoyed the book thoroughly especially going through the various descriptions of the mustaches. 
The ending is the sweetest which obviously I wouldn’t want to state, but only add that the four year old in the house along with her 30 year old mother, now a days have loads of fun making mustaches.  
Go on and buy the book from Pratham Books, only for its illustrations, they are amazing.

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