Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What Our TENTASTIC Champions Have Been Upto

The TENTASTIC Champions season has begun.

Priya from Storipur kick started the season in May with a storytelling session based on 'Chuskit goes to School'. Read about how Priya and the kids even built a bridge to get Chuskit across. Priya went on to conducted her second session for Storipur with an important message on plastic and recycling. Read all about it here.

Arthi Anand is so close to almost completing the TENTASTIC goal she committed to. With six storytelling sessions under her belt (in less than a month), I wonder if Arthi is going to set a new champion record this year (Arthi - are you listening? :)). Read all about the storytelling express Arthi has been taking around - session 1, session 2, session 3, session 4, session 5 (session 6 coming up soon!), 

Neela Gupta (one of our first champions) collaborated with Pooja Motwani and Shweta Dave to conduct a storytelling session in Vadodara. Neela's report is a timely reminder that things may not always go the way we plan, but one should persevere nevertheless.
And Lopamudra Mohanty conducted three storytelling session in one go

Phew ...aren't our Champions extraordinary?

The current TENTASTIC count is : 
6 Champions, 12 Sessions and 290 kids! 

P.S - If you want to be a TENTASTIC Champion too, you can register here.

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