Friday, May 9, 2014

Sales of Second-Hand Books Pick Up Online

Second hand books

Anusha Soni writes about the increase in sales of second-hand books online.

Via The Business Standard

While finding an old title across these streets still holds its own magic, competition from online chains betting big on second hand books is on the rise. That, experts point out, can change the dynamics of the unorganised industry selling used books.

Estimated at over $2 billion, the books industry in India is growing at about 20%. Of the total industry, more than 10% makes for second hand books, estimates suggest.

Many websites have come up solely dedicated to selling second hand books. Among the popular names are, Even websites such, have started pilot projects and free applications that help people buy and sell second hand books.

“It’s a fairly flourishing industry in metros, but two most important aspects of it are pricing and delivery, ” says Milan Sheth, Partner & Advisory, Ernst & Young. He adds one can bargain on the street but on the internet there is no room for that.

Countering experts on high delivery cost, Goyal of says many of the sellers use book post or India Post which does not cost more than Rs 30. Also the price of delivery is included in the cost of the book displayed,” according to Goel.

Image Credit : Konrad Förstner

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