Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Too Much Noise - a quick derivative, thanks to Creative Commons

Our new book, Too Much Noise, got published as a free e-book just last weekend. The book came out in several digital forms. But already we have one more version, this one in verse, written by nine-year old Nangai Chokkan of Bangalore. Thanks to dad N.Chokkan for remixing the illustrations and putting her verse together.

Too Much Noise (Remix) - English by Pratham Books

Too Much Noise has been written by Noni and illustrated by Angie and Upesh. You can access the book for FREE in the following ways:
1. Read/download the book
2. Access the Interactive Book App from Mangoreader (English, Hindi, Marathi)
3. Watch the animated story created by BookBox
4. Listen to the audio stories created by Radio Mirchi

What should one  do with free e-books? Why share it, of course! Read it out to a kid you know. Send it to people who work with children. Ask teachers and parents to read it out to children. Print out a copy or two and share it with children who may not be able to buy books. We hope volunteers who work with children will use such books to promote reading. We're sure Pratham Books Champions will be engaging children in the reading and play-acting of this book leading to Too Much Fun! Enjoy!

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