Thursday, February 27, 2014

Gear Up For the Summer Holidays with Our Newest Books

A fresh batch of books have arrived from the press. A bat goes missing in 'The Missing Bat' and a horse goes missing in 'The Elephant Bird'. Where could they have gone? Travel through Kashmir to find the missing bat and join a brave girl to uncover the mystery of the missing horse.

Two of our new books are women-centric stories and introduce young readers to three interesting women. 'My Two Great-grandmothers' is a sensitive tale from Norway about a little girl who learns about about her two very different great-grandmothers and their two very different worlds. In ' We Call her Ba', we learn about the world of Kasturba Gandhi and the story of her strong identity, courage and tremendous will power.

Add a splash of fun to the holidays by getting your hands on these books. Click here to order.

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