Friday, January 3, 2014

What is Pratham Books Celebrating?

Yes, dear friends, we're in a celebratory mood! Why? Take a look at this picture. 

How many fingers is Sringeri Srinivas holding up? Does he have a problem counting? What is Sringeri Srinivas saying?

What? Can't believe it! You're ten years old?” That's what he's saying!

Yes, yes, yes, we're ten years young. We've been so happily engaged in bringing out books for more and more children that we almost forgot that January 1, 2014 marked our 10th anniversary. We're delighted to be on this journey, and we are aware that there are many many kilometres to travel before our mission is accomplished. Children need to be reading, so that they may enter new worlds of opportunity and fair living. As we move ahead on the next decade, we take strength and inspiration from all of you, our supporters and well-wishers, to ensure that more children are reading, that there is more content to be read, in many more languages, and that all this is accessible for every child in the country. 

My colleague Manisha Chaudhry felt so happy to be ten that she sent this off in ten seconds!
Where, how and When
Did we become Ten?
Seems like yesterday
It all felt like play
Like a bunch of novice cooks
rustling up some books!
Many languages bubble
Our readers set to double.

Image source: Illustration by Angie and Upesh, for 'Annual Haircut Day'.

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