Monday, January 6, 2014

Craft a Story to Win Prizes

The Lucknow Literary Festival is running a children's story contest for ten days. Here's your child's chance to spin some stories and win some prizes.

How to enter the contest
  1. Visit the Lucknow Literary Festival Facebook page from 6th-15th January. There will be a new picture on the page every day, so don't forget to visit their page every day.
  2. After you view the image and craft your story, fill out the contest form here and submit your entry.
Entry Deadline of each insertion : 48 hours / 2 days [ For example – Contest posted on 6th Jan will be open till 12 midnight of 7th Jan ]
Entry Rules : Only 1 entry to be submitted by a person for an image, otherwise a person can participate all 10 days
Word Limit : Within 50 words
Age Limit : 5 – 14 Years
Prize Distribution : Prizes along with Certificates to be distributed on 1st Feb at Lucknow Literary Festival

Today's contest is based on this image from Annual Haircut Day. Good luck!

Visit the Lucknow Literary Festival website for more details about the main festival.

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