Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The 7-Eleven library

We came across this concept of how a store encouraged kids to read more books. What do you think? Imagine if every kirana store did this!

Via The Fresno Bee
Image Source : Mike Licht

For Brian Morin, 11, an extraordinary gateway to "adventure" lurks within an unusual place: the corner of a room in a central Fresno 7-Eleven convenience store.

Brian usually stops by five days a week to check out books from a children's library inside, created by store owners Sushil Prakash and Josephine Kiran as an incentive to get children in the neighborhood excited about reading.

The catch to lure kids? A free Slurpee or hot chocolate for every book read and summarized in a short book report.

The public library is far away, and checking out books at the 7-Eleven is a "double treat," Brian said, because he loves reading and Slurpees.

The library, which started Aug. 1, already has about 200 books. Nearby Hamilton Elementary School has helped, donating $300. Teachers at the school also volunteer to label books by grade level -- which has helped deter older youths from reading far below their grade level as a ploy to snag an easy Slurpee.

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