Friday, October 4, 2013

The Big Bang at Bangalore Literature Festival

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? asked a child at Makkala Koota, the children's section of the recently concluded Bangalore Literature Festival (BLF). The festival held on the lawns of Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bangalore's Velankani Tech Park, Electronics City, was a riot of colours, and kids were seen having a fun time there. Nirupama Ramesh - geography teacher, trekking guide, river-rafting instructor and our narrator - had just shown the kids an ostrich egg. She used many such items from her bag of tricks to explain the 13.7 billion year old story of our Earth's formation. 

“Whichever you order first!” replied the young girl, when I told her I didn't know the answer to the chicken-and-egg conundrum. But everyone had answers ready for many other questions that came up during the WHAT ON EARTH? WALLBOOK session at BLF. So what could have been a staid lesson in history, geography, science and evolution actually became a fun-filled interactive session, based on the book written by Christopher Lloyd and illustrated by Andy Foreshow. The wallbook interested young and old alike. Already a long book, it got even more attention when a larger version was put up.  Visitors walked across the lawns  to test their knowledge of the world's historical and evolutionary progress mapped on this one long book.

Thank you, Nirupama, for making the session so interesting!

To get a copy of the book that gives the entire history of the life from the Big Bang to the present, do visit our e-store.To see a video clip of the session click here.

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