Friday, October 4, 2013

Rough-and-tumble theatre with Muchkund at BLF

This was no stage performance. The kids tumbled on top of each other, they roughed it up on the floor, and they acted like bears, bees and more. No wonder, the artists call it rough-and-tumble theatre! Theatre persons Umesh PN and Mohammed Arif and his associates Padmalatha Ravi, Sumana Ravi Kumar and Gunjan Dixit engaged the children at Bangalore Literature Festival in a delightful interactive narration of the story 'Muchkund and his Sweet Tooth'. The audience came forward to participate too – a parent happily volunteered to be the wise 'Bear Uncle' . The book written by eminent enviromnet scientist Dr.Madhav Gadgil, and illustrated by wildlife artist Maya Ramaswamy lent itself beautifully to dramatisation. The kids got a lesson in ecological harmony, nature conservation and other important issues in a natural and happy manner.

Thank you Umesh, Arif, Padmalatha, Gunja and Sumana – may your lives be as sweet as honey for doing this for Pratham Books and the kids at BLF!

To read 'Muchkund and his Sweet Tooth', please click here. To get a printed book, visit our e-store.To watch the cheerful video, please click here.

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