Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review : The What on Earth? Wallbook

TimeOut Delhi carries a short review of The What on Earth? Wallbook.

Another release, The What on Earth? Wall Book: From the Big Bang to the Present Day, is also a fold out children’s read. This one’s a great accessory for the kiddy room. Published by Pratham Books, this is an Indian edition of the international title by the same name. Written by Christopher Lloyd and illustrated by Andy Forshaw, the book’s a short history of the planet and its people. It’s a mini-encyclopaedia-at- a-glance and kids will love trivia such as “Young Ichthyostegas try out life on land”, “Archaeopteryx, the first bird, is an offshoot of the theropod dinosaurs” and “Rosa Parks sparks US civil rights movement”.

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