Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tell a story about a sparrow, a kuruvi, a gubbachi, a chidiya....

Today is World Storytelling Day. Hope you get to tell someone a nice story! Or hope you get to listen to a wonderful story. Listening to stories – whether one is a child or an adult – is generally theraupetic, and absolutely elevating if the storyteller is good. 

Today is also World Sparrow Day, a day dedicated to the chirpy little bird that has a very important role in the well-being of our world. Do something to bring back sparrows to our cities...check out how you can rise for the sparrow.

This seems like a perfect day to share a story called The Sparrow and the Fruit with you, dear friends! Thanks to Creative Commons, the books are available as free download in many languages. You'll find them here: English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. Happy storytelling! Happy reading!

You may also buy the book in English, Hindi, Marathi,  Urdu, Tamil, Kannada,and Telugu here. And while you're at the e-store, do check out the other popular sparrow book, Kaka and Munni.

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