Friday, March 22, 2013

Novel way to save drop at a time

We're delighted to share this story about our author Aabid Surti with you today, which happens to be World Water Day. We know this mulit-faceted man as the person who retold the popular Gijubhai stories for Pratham Books. 


But that he is also a tireless and unique water crusader is news to us.

“Aabid Surti is an odd character. A few years ago, the angular, bearded author was invited to meet the President of India to receive a national award for literature at a ceremony in the capital, New Delhi. He politely declined. Absorbed in writing the first draft of his new novel, he cited the reason that he did not have time. But what he has made time for every Sunday for seven years now, is going door-to-door in Mira Road, a non-descript suburb of Mumbai, with a plumber in tow, asking residents if they need their tap fixed for free!

As a distinguished Indian painter and author, Aabid has written around 80 books but no story so moved him as the truth about water scarcity on the planet. “I read an interview of the former UN chief Boutros Boutros Ghali,” he recalls, “who said that by 2025 more than 40 countries are expected to experience water crisis. I remembered my childhood in a ghetto fighting for each bucket of water. I knew that shortage of water is the end of civilized life.”

Read the entire article here, written so lovingly by the equally multi-faceted Aalif. If you would like to read the Gijubhai books in Kannada or Marathi, do look up our store here.

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