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Send Some Love on International Book Giving Day

International Book Giving Day is a volunteer initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to and enthusiasm for books. 
International Book Giving Day’s focus is on encouraging people worldwide to give a book to a child on February 14th. We invite individuals to
1) give a book to a friend or family member,
2) leave a book in a waiting room for children to read, or
3) donate a gently used book to a local library, hospital or shelter or to an organization that distributes used books to children in need internationally. (via bookgivingday)
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Pratham Books is proud to help you reach out to the hearts of children as far away as Ladakh, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh. We've identified 4 wonderful organizations which work with kids and want to help them get books into the hands of children. With a focus on regional languages, the books that will be distributed during this campaign will be in Urdu, Telugu and Bengali. 

What better day than International Book Giving Day to kickstart a fundraising campaign for these organizations? The campaign will run till the end of February.

You can donate as little as Rs. 200, and these children will receive the gift of bright, cheerful story books that will entertain them, and help them read. We've created book packs worth Rs.200 and Rs.500. If you choose to gift

A donation of :
Rs.200  = 8 books for the organization
Rs.500 = 20 books for the organization

You can pledge multiple packs to increase your donation and the number of books that reach each organization.

But who are these organizations that you can donate to? What work do they do? Here's a short introduction to all the organizations. Please visit their individual websites for more information.

(Region : Andhra Pradesh)

Aarti (registered as Vijay Foundation Trust) is an NGO based in Kadapa and they have been working with women and girls since 1992. Two of the programmes that pertain to children are :Aarti Home (a shelter for abandoned girls) and Aarti School (education at minimal fees).
They are also running a basic computer literacy program for high school children in government schools in remote villages of the district. The jeep equipped with a mobile computer lab travels to these little villages and hamlets every day. Books received will also be distributed to these places through this channel

Impact : 100 girls live in the orphanage, 300 children attend the school, the mobile library project covers 1500 kids, the library is open to all children in the district.

Book donations : Telugu Books

Websites :

(Region : Ladakh) 

Though Ladakh as a region receives support and attention from individuals and some not for profits alike, owing to the distances and sheer remoteness, most of the support is localized to the more accessible and visible areas of Leh and Kargil. 17000 ft was setup with a focus to go beyond those areas and work in schools that are traditionally ignored and do not receive any support. Over 89% of the schools of Ladakh are rural, remote and in need of support.

 Impact : 17000 ft has physically geo-mapped and assessed each and every school of Leh District ( 366 in number ) and is today present in a 100 of these schools where they have setup libraries and conduct a mix of programs like teacher training, library and reading programs and infrastructure improvement.

Book Donations : Urdu books



 (Region : West Bengal)

Vikramshila Education Resource Society started its journey in 1989 in an attempt to make quality education a reality for all children. Based in Kolkata (West Bengal, India) Vikramshila reaches out to underprivileged and under-resourced sections of society to make education meaningful and relevant to their lives. Vikramshila works with children, teachers and government systems through teacher development programmes and childrens’ learning support programmes.

Impact : Over the last twenty years, Vikramshila has undertaken various initiatives in action research and teacher-development programmes all over India, reaching out to more than 200 grassroots level organisations 25,000 teachers and 14, 00,000 children.

Book Donations : Urdu and Bengali books

Websites :


(Region : Ladakh)

Avalokitesvaratrust’s vision is to empower children with the gift of education, the joy of learning, bringing previously absent opportunities for a better overall quality of life in the region. The aim is to enhance the mental, emotional and psychological development of children within and beyond the education they receive at school, giving them the best possible foundation for the rest of their lives. One of the key projects currently run under the umbrella of the Avalokitesvara Trust is FOUNTAIN OF LEARNING. Fountain of Learning a.k.a FOL, is an initiative to nurture and educate children in isolated villages of Ladakh.

Impact : Created 30 reading rooms in Ladakh

Book Donations : Urdu books (8 of the existing schools require Urdu books. The trust will be creating 15 more reading rooms in the Zangskar and Baltistan region of Ladakh this year.

Open your hearts and send some bookish love 
to children across the country.

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