Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Madness Mandali invites entries for The Water Glass Project.

Image source:  Madness Mandali
The Madness Mandali is back with their yet another innovative and adventurous venture aptly named The Water Glass Project. This creative group consists of professional poets, painters, designers, photographers, musicians and theatre troupes who are habituated to combining the beauty of written words with the
effervescence and vitality of light and colour, which is finally topped off with the dynamism of performance art.

The Water Glass Project (TWGP) is a month-long, concerted fiction novel writing challenge, where teams of two to five writers will be expected to write an original novel with more than point-of-view. The length of the novel should be between 20 to 30 thousand words. The winning novel will be published and promoted by Madness Mandali at no cost to the winners.

The challenge will run from 1st January 2013 to 31st January 2013. Registrations will be accepted from 1st December 2012 to midnight of 30th December 2012. Entry is FREE for anyone except those who have published an entire novel (self-published or otherwise). Those featured in journals and anthologies are welcome to participate.

To know more click here.
To register for TWGP click here.

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