Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Say “No Violence, No Silence” the poetic way with Prajnya

Source : www.prajnya.in

Gender and sexual violence have been topics which have been always been brushed under the carpet. The silence on these issues only aggravates the problem. It’s time to break the silence and voice the concerns loud and clear. Prajnya invites anyone who likes to write, to come and voice their concerns in the form of a poem.

The topic for the poetry would be Gender violence in any form. The poetry can be written in either a Haiku or the Tanka format. The entries will be accepted in three languages i.e.; English, Hindi and Tamil.

This is not a competition and hence there would be no winners, however selected entries will feature in the Origami Poetry Books. The last date to submit the entries is 10th November 2012. So get started and voice your opinion in a poetic way.

For more details click here.

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