Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fighting bullies and bullying with books.

Source: Publishers weekly
Bullying has been a part of everyone’s childhood; many of them have been the victims of bullying through school. This has been one prominent reason for many children to stay back home and avoid school. Many countries have seen a number of tragic incidents due to bullying.

October is a month dedicated to preventing bullying and hence been aptly named the National Bullying Prevention month. Bullying has taken such an ugly turn that it has given rise to a number of support groups and campaigns. With the number of tragic incidents on the rise, parents and others have now taken an active initiative against bullying.

Children should be made aware of bullying and its effects.This time Spookley, the square pumpkin is the spokes-pumpkin for the second time this year. Spookley is the star of the popular book The Legend of Spookley, written by Joe Troiano and illustrated by Susan Banta. This pumpkin will educate and inform children about how to handle and prevent bullying, through a digital toolkit which contains Spookley videos and a lot of other anti-bullying resources and books.

Read more about Spookley and his fight here.

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