Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Books Are Now Available Through MobileVeda

Thanks to the Creative Commons licenses on many of our books, we get to see new avataars of our books very often (Take a look at the exisiting avataars of our books). This time, MobileVeda is disseminating our content on their Mobile Content Publishing Platform Fublish -  Futuristic Publishing enabling print Publishers to instantly make digital versions onto the internet and popular Mobile platforms such as iPad/Android.

With the intent of enabling global readership, MobileVeda has converted our books so that can be used on mobile platforms and in English and regional languages.

Available via Fublish App @ Apple AppStore
& Android Store

So, try out these books and let us and the MobileVeda team know what you/your child think of them.

Learn more about MobileVeda and the work they do.

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