Friday, June 15, 2012

Open Sesame, Close Sesame!

Another one bites the dust. Young readers of 'Open Sesame' , the children's supplement of Deccan Herald saw this announcement in today's issue : It's been a terrific ride so far and thank all of you for making it a memorable one. This will be the last issue of Open Sesame, our Friday supplement for children."

As publishers of children's books we always feel sad when something like this happens. However....we're very happy to let a cat out of the bag....the author of the column called 'Mazy's Muddle' is none other than our colleage and editor at Pratham Books, Mala Kumar. For over 60 weeks, the crazy character called Mazy has been bringing readers a concoction of fact, fiction and a bit of maths through this column. In today's column Mazy says we must go fly kites. Find out why in the 63rd and final column of Mazy's Muddle here.

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