Monday, June 4, 2012

Kakuche Bal ani Babachya Mishya

Sandhya Taksale, Editor, Pratham Books, writes about 2 storytelling sessions that took place in Pune .
Pratham Books recently launched two delightful children's stories, Kakuche Bal (Aunty jui's Baby) and Babachya Misha (Daddy's Mo), in Pune. They were written and illustrated by well-known children's writer, Madhuri Purandare. Written originally in Marathi, the books have been translated into Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and English. The books were launched in all 5 languages.

Read Sandhya's Marathi report on the storytelling session.

The Marathi newspaper, Sakal, also wrote about the event. Read about the storytelling sessions here.

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