Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Volunteers Needed to Conduct a Summer Camp at Ahambhumika

We've known the Bhopal-based organization, Ahambhumika, for a while now. Subrat Goswami is also one of our champions (1, 2). We received an email from them about the summer camp they want to organize. Here are the details : 

Ahambhumika wants to organize a summer camp for the children of Bodakho village. The dates for this camp are 9th - 18th April, 2012. The aim of the summer camp is to teach the children basic English, computer classes, art and craft activities, paper mache craft, photography and videography. In case you hav another skill which you think the children will benefit from, share your idea with the Ahembhumika team. The age group of the children is between 8-12 years and the medium of instruction/interaction will be Hindi.

During the camp, volunteers will have to stay in the village.

Click here for more details about volunteering for this camp.

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