Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Calendar that Puts a Smile on a Child's Face!

See some pages of the calendar here.

This New Year, gift your child a beautifully designed calendar by Pratham Books. Our Green Calendar is an initiative carried out in the International Year of the Forest 2011 as a part of our "Awareness Today for a Greener Tomorrow" campaign to spread awareness among children about the importance of conservation. Printed on lovely eco-friendly paper and designed by Priya Kuriyan, this colourful calendar can be used to mark dates for positive conservation activities - such as planting a sapling, watering a roadside plant, closing a leaking tap, running a race to support a green cause, volunteering with an NGO that works with green initiatives and so on! Fill this calendar with green ideas, note down little tips and ideas that will help us make this world a better place.

What’s more, all proceeds from the calendar sale will be used to buy books for Pratham Books Champions’ (read more about them here), who in turn will spread the joy of reading to children in their communities. Your gesture will thus bring us closer towards our mission of putting “a book in every child’s hand”!

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