Friday, September 23, 2011

Pratham Books Champions : Spreading the Joy of Reading in Cities Across the World

If you didn't already know, we have a SUPER SUPER SUPER community of people who are always ready to help us spread the joy of reading. Once again, our awesome friends have volunteered to give wings to the story we are creating on the occasion of International Girl Child Day.

We are creating an illustrated book in 4 languages in 2 days. Amazing eh? But, what is the point of the book if it isn't reaching kids. So, we put out a call for people to become a Pratham Books Champion and we received many responses.

The following people have confirmed their participation and will be spreading the joy of reading in their cities:
  1. Brij and Rashmi - Bangalore
  2. Neela Gupta - Vadodara
  3. Nisha Sharma Agnihotri - Delhi
  4. John Yengkhom - Dimapur
  5. Anitha S Jebaraj - Chennai
  6. Shilpa Krishnan - Chennai
  7. Subrat Goswami - Bhopal
  8. Rathy - Chennai
  9. Sangeetha - Hyderabad
  10. Rashmie Jaaju - Delhi
  11. Nithya Sivashankar - Coimbatore
  12. Anuraag Trivedi - Jaipur
  13. Sandhya Sharma - Delhi
  14. Monika Manchanda - Bangalore
  15. Anupriya Iyer - Singapore
  16. Anisha Oommen - Cochin
  17. Radhika - Washington DC
  18. Anitha Ramkumar - Hyderabad
  19. Mohammad Faisal - Mau
Good luck with your storytelling sessions!

Note : If you are interested in conducting a session in your community, download the book and use it. It would be great if you could take photographs of the session and write about it so that we could share it with the rest of our community. In case you want to be a Pratham Books Champion in the future, feel free to email us at web(at)prathambooks(dot)org. Thank you!

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