Friday, August 26, 2011

The Preschool Years: Use Big, Big Words

Via ChildUp

Ever heard that piece of keeping it simple advice: never use a $10 word where a 2-cent one will do? Well, forget all that. At least when it comes to talking to your kids. Those $10 words? They’re like an investment in your kids’ education — one that will pay off earlier than you may think.

A new study in the journal Child Development found that the richness of vocabulary during the preschool years predicted Kindergarten vocabulary, which correlated with fourth-grade reading.

The sample was small, but Dickinson found strong evidence for a connection between the richness of vocabulary in early school experiences and literacy skills, such as reading and comprehension, just a few years down the road. And, yes, that vocabulary often came from books and group activities — planned efforts. But what’s particularly interesting is that some of the best results were simply from informal interaction between teacher and child.

“While raising the level of interaction in group activities is important, some of my stronger results in this study are seen from informal interactions between teacher and child, showing the importance of elevated language during times such as play and lunch,” [Dickinson] says.
Read the entire article here.

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