Monday, July 4, 2011

Little Angels Montessori come a Visiting

We had some visitors this week - special visitors at that! Pallavi Varma had helped arrange a visit for the kids from Little Angels Montessori to come to office and spend some time with Mala, one of our editors. We are glad they had a good time and we did too!

And such good fun it was! We learnt about the ‘lion who had a toothache’ from the editor, Mala, and saw the familiar Sringeri Srinivas on a small screen! We met many friendly people with big smiles who didn’t say “Don’t touch this! “Don’t touch that!” Instead, they allowed us to look, feel, explore, and walk, hop, and jump around!
You can read their blog post with lots and lots of lovely pictures over at their blog.  

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