Monday, June 20, 2011

Body Flipbook

Indu Harikumar sent us a link to this fun book. An easy and fun book to create with and for your little one(s).

Make a wacky body flipbook that doubles as a word play acitivity. Draw all kinds of interesting people and later mix and match their body parts to come up with changing characters.

Play with the body flip book you've just made. Mix and match the body parts by turning the upper, middle and bottom flaps of each page. The odd mix of body parts can create new and funny characters. By combining a cowboy's head, a clown's torso and a swimmer's legs, I've come up wtih a "swimming cowboy clown"! A princess' head, a clown's torso, and a hula dancer's body makes a "hula dancing clown princess".
Click here to learn how to create a body flipbook.

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