Friday, April 8, 2011

Garden Gupshups

Via A Hundred Hands
Presenting Garden Gupshups. A Hundred Hands programme to encourage kids to get out and play in the garden- to observe, explore and dream while encouraging them to let their imagination run wild.

We are thrilled that Valentina Trivedi, story teller extraordinaire and nature lover, is flying down from Delhi to partner with us and spin some tales. With the Mangoes out already and the parrots and bulbuls arriving, it's sure to be fun!

The prices are for all 6 days inclusive of a picnic and goody bag!

Please sign up for the event by 14th/15th April, 2011.

(Click on the image below for a larger view)

P.S. - Valentina is an excellent storyteller and she conducted a few sessions for Pratham Books at last year's Bookaroo. You can read about the sessions here and here.

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