Monday, January 17, 2011

This is my Dream

Within a few hours of us sending out an email and posting information about the 'Mumtaz Embroiders her Dreams' contest, we received our first entry from 13 year old Aarthi Sreenivasan :

Children Engrossed in the 'Creating Graphic Novels' activity
I saw about this contest and will give you full information about my dream till you beg me to stop! A lot . I doubt whether it will all fit the word limit. I guess I have to edit a lot. All right now, my dream. I want to become an international best selling author. It doesn't end in a sentence. I can almost see my fans yelling at me , mad with enthusiasm , as I , the most wonderful teenage authoress climb on to the stage and give them all a wave. Oh , the very thought of it! The limelight, flashing of photographs, someone yelling "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you , the most talented writer , breaking records for a young person with her book, Aarthi Sreenivasan!!"

I would enter, blushing and wave to my frantic fans. It is most important as the prospect of writing has always had an impression on me. When I read the biographies of great writers , let's take J.K Rowling for instance. Wondrous creater of seven materpieces- Harry Potter. I would think to myself Aarthi, you are writing like her or forget about being one!" Unfortunately for me, I am not recognized as a person who can write, except for my classmates . Always the chance to prove myself slips off my desk. I want this dream to come true so that I can prove to my school teachers that I do write. Knowing that this competition would give me that golden and great opportunity, I am making most use of it. I also know that the word limit is exceeding, so I am , with most brutal editing, finishing with my entry.
If you have a dream and want to share it with the world and win a book hamper, participate in the 'Mumtaz Embroiders her Dreams' contest.

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