Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kids Draw and Cook

This post is going to make you hungry!Very HUNGRY! SUPER HUNGRY!

Stumbled across this incredibly lovely website 'They Draw and Cook' and then realized that there is another website called 'Kids Draw and Cook'. The website features 'recipes and food illustrations by awesome kids'. Are you in the mood to make some pumpkin bread or are you looking for an easy recipe like 'apple, peanut butter and M&M's' ? Hop over to the site and get your little chef at home to test his/her culinary skills (Psst: They can also submit their own creations!)

And if you don't want to be left out, wear your chef's hat and take a look at 'They Draw and Cook'. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this blog is. I also spotted the following recipe by Priya Kuriyan (an illustrator whose work is fantabulous!).

Image Source : 1, 2, 3

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