Friday, January 21, 2011

D for Doctor, D for Dreams

Several children who sent in their dreams for the 'Mumtaz Embroiders Her Dreams' contest share a dream of becoming a doctor.

Vikas Saini, a Teach for India Fellow, sent us a mail about what his student Khureshi Saherabano aspires to be :
(Picture of Khureshi Saherabano sent by her teacher Vikas Saini)

When I grow up, I wish to become a doctor. I know that to become a doctor, it requires plenty of money. I wish somebody will help me to complete M.B.B.S. then I will open a small dispensary in my home town where I will work day and night to collect enough money and from that money I will open a big hospital in the city. In my hospital I will have a special ward for the poor people where they will get free treatment. I will also provide them with free food and medicines. There will be a ward for rich people also where they will be charged.

In my hospital there will also be a special ward for mothers delivering child where both poor and rich will be treated together.

I wish to name this hospital as “Mother Teresa Hospital”, as she helped the poorest of poor and that is why I want the name of hospital on her name.

Rakshita Rathore says :
I want to become a doctor. This my dream. I want to become a doctor because I want to help poor people in my country. My mother is a diabetic patient so I want to help her. For becoming a doctor I have to study more and I have to give practicals. I have spend all money on my books, my fees of the school. I want to help to make my country best in the world.


Ragavi writes about her dream :
My dream is to become a good and nice doctor. I will be so proud when I become a doctor. I will help many people who are very poor. I wish I can have my hospital worldwide so I can help all the poor people in the world. I want to be a child specialist. I have to study very well to be a doctor. I want to name my hospital in my parents name. The hospital will have 3 floors. It will have a cafe, many counters, more than fifty docotors.

I will be the happiest human when I see my first patient. It will be a very proud moment when I do first operation and it becomes a success. I will see tears in my parents' eyes when my dream becomes true. This is very important for me as I want to help the poor people.

You can read all the other dreams we received for the contest here.

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