Friday, October 15, 2010

New Book from Daily Dump: The Magic Gamla Pot

Our blog has featured an article on Daily Dump's '5 Disgustingly Cool Books for Children' earlier. We heard about their new book 'The Magic Gamla Pot' through a mail sent to us by our friend Chintan Girish Modi who runs the 'People in Education' Facebook group.

The book takes the child through a fascinating journey where he discovers that some material in his home can turn into magic brown bits! In the process he has to encounter the many different kinds of boochies that surround him. He realizes that materials around have unique properties that make some of them living and others non-living. He is urged to question where materials come from and where they go!

This book introduces the concepts of living and non-living things, organic and inorganic, natural cycles, and decomposition in a fun and simple way. It urges children, parents and teachers to experiment with precious organic material (otherwise called waste) at home.

Cycles are magical and decomposition re-generates our world.

You can buy the book here.

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