Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Listen to Our Stories @Soundcloud

Many of you already know that Radio Mirchi is recording excellent audio versions of our books as part of the MIRCHI CARES initiative (Read more about the initiative here). Over the last few months, they have recorded more books and are continuing to do so. And we have been thinking of a way to host all these audiobooks online for other children to listen to them too. So, when we received a mail from SoundCloud, we were extremely happy about hosting all our audio on this site.

As of now we have 16 tracks on our SoundCloud channel (http://soundcloud.com/prathambooks), but we will continue to update it as and when we get more recordings from Radio Mirchi. You can also go through the tracks as per the language here.

Psst: If you have one of our books and want to (or if your child wants to) record an audio book... feel free to do so and we can host it on our SoundCloud channel.

Latest tracks by prathambooks

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