Thursday, July 15, 2010

Social Innovation Conversations


Social Innovation Conversations brings you the voices of the people at the forefront of creating social and environmental change in the world. Our goal is to allow you through audio lectures, panel discussions, conference recordings and audio interviews to hear what these individuals have to share, discover the models they are creating, and build on the lessons they’ve learned.

From the pandemic of AIDS, to challenges posed by climate change, to substance abuse and global poverty, our world is faced with increasingly complex and pressing social and environmental challenges. While knowledge, tools, and technologies to develop innovative solutions exist, channels are still needed to reach the people who could use and apply them to social problems.

Social Innovation Conversations' mission is to expand the reach of important and valuable knowledge by recording and sharing the spoken words of thought leaders in all sectors and disciplines and offering listeners a multi-stakeholder perspective on the world grand challenges and social issues.

So, put your headphones on and join the conversation.

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