Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UNICEF Meena Comics : Free Downloads

The UNICEF Meena Comic series are now available as FREE downloads. The comics have sensible social themes like (health, education, girl child).


Meena is a cartoon character from South Asia. She is a spirited, nine-year-old girl who braves the world – whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS in her village.

Meena is widely recognised and appreciated in most South Asian countries, and is a successful advocacy and teaching tool for girls’ and children’s rights. The Meena figure has achieved remarkable popularity as she tackles the key issues affecting children, and the threats to the rights of millions of girls in South Asia.
You can read more about the Meena Communication Initiative here and all the comics can be downloaded here.

(We received information about this project from Chintan. Thank you Chintan! Click here to go to the 'People in Education' facebook page that Chintan manages)

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