Friday, February 5, 2010

Social Media for NGOs Workshop

Via BIGTech
To harness the power of Web 2.0 for NGOs in India, NASSCOM Foundation is organizing a workshop in Mumbai on 13th February 2010, with one of the most respected technology consultants for non-profits worldwide – Beth Kanter.

This interactive workshop addresses how to think strategically about social media for external communications so your NGO can maximize its time and resources. Participants will learn how to create a social media strategy map that integrates with their overall communications plan and internet strategy; as well as address organizational culture issues that often arise when a new technology is introduced. It will also provide an opportunity to learn how to select tools and explore best practices. Participants will work in small groups and be involved in exciting activities such as the Nonprofits Social Media Game to get ultimate clarity on Social Media usage. Each group will share their learning and challenges they discovered. We will also provide an opportunity for peer consulting on tips, resources, and getting started with social media.
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