Thursday, February 4, 2010

How Twitter Helped us Get Books to Kids in Kolkata

Some of you may remember the post we published a week ago about a bunch of kids in Kolkata who went around with a van full of books to reach kids who didn't have access to books and even went on to teach the kids how to read.

Every Wednesday they drive their mobile library, aptly named 'Boi Gari', (Books Van), and distribute the books to children in the rural areas.
After reading about this initiative, our lovely trustee Kanchan Bannerjee volunteered to sponsor some Bengali books if we could find these kids. We mailed the news bureau which published the article, but were unable to get a response. So, we decided to see if the Twitter community could help us.

Gautam John (@gkjohn) sent out the following tweet....

"Anybody in Calcutta who can help @prathambooks get in touch with these kids please?"
Within half an hour, several tweeple had retweeted the message and we were hoping that someone could help us. @ashwinsid connected us to @iAmBivas who in turn volunteered to find us the address of these kids. Within a day @iAmBivas got back to us with an address, a contact person and a phone number. Woohooo!

We spoke to Mr.Prasun who is a part of the group that encourages these children and he sent us the following images of the 'Boi Gari' (book van).
And as promised, we will be sending a set of Bengali books to the kids today. These books can't wait to find themselves travelling in this Boi Gari and reaching into the hands of eager readers.

A huge thank you to all the Tweeple (especially
@ashwinsid and @iAmBivas) who helped us connect to these kids.

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